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Rambo (Available Today)

Rambo is a handsome Sabel Fawn boy that has a spot on his side. He was born 3/15/23 and will be ready for his forever home 5/10/23. Rambo was genetically health tested with Wisdom Panel. He came back clear of 29 genetic diseases that were tested. 

More highlights about Dale 

  • He has two copies of a reduced shedding gene. The Reduced Shedding variant is associated with a decreased tendency for a dog to shed hair. 

  • Colors carried 1 copy for fawn, 1 copy for tan, 1 copy for pied, 2 copy masked, 1 copy saddle tan.

  • not a carrier for the merle gene

  • Predicted weight range is 24-44 lbs (both parents weight 22-24 lbs) 

  • 100% French Bulldog

What's included in purchase price?

  • Wisdom Panel ™ genetic health testing results

  • Vet Checked

  • Up to date on deworming and vaccines

  • Puppy starter kit that includes a bag of Science Diet puppy food, some toys, and a blanket with the scent of momma and littermates

  • Registration papers for American Canine Association





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